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Detecting Antibiotic Resistance IB-2927


A robust, automated computational pipeline was used to design a system comprising a microarray for the identification of microorganisms and their antibiotic resistance profiles. This system and methods will facilitate the study of the epidemiology and microbial ecology of antibiotic resistance and be an invaluable tool to rapidly and simultaneously identify organisms and their antimicrobial resistance elements in environmental, food and clinical samples.

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are a worldwide problem affecting diverse groups of patients. A major challenge in fighting HAIs is the rising tide of antimicrobial resistance. Nonclinical environments are the natural origin of most antibiotic resistance elements; however, the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics in the clinical setting places significant selective pressure on microorganisms, altering the functional role of these elements. There is a need to provide a sensitive and specific molecular tool for rapid, culture-independent identification of microbial species present in a clinical sample as well as providing information on the antibiotic resistance potential of these strains.

STATUS: U. S. Patent Application #13/773,631 available at Available for licensing or collaborative research.