Innovation and Partnerships Office

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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 1 Cyclotron Road – M/S 56A0120, Berkeley, CA 94720
Technology / Partnership inquiries: 510-486-6467 or
General information: 510-486-6462


Elsie Quaite-Randall, Chief Technology Transfer Officer, 510-486-7234
Robin Johnston, Deputy Chief Technology Transfer Officer, 510-486-5947
Leadership Team Bios

Sebastian Ainslie, Principal Commercialization & Licensing Associate (Computing Sciences), 510-486-7219
Virginia de la Puente, Principal Licensing Associate (Biosciences), 510-495-2920
Catherine Koh, Senior Licensing Associate (Energy Technologies), 510-486-5997
Licensing Staff Bios

Contracts Officer Assignments by Area and Contract Type
Jean Haemmerle (formerly Jean Choung), Associate Contracts Specialist (Gifts), 510-486-5512
Suzanne Iwatate, Principal Contracts Officer, 510-486-4319
Karen Omoto, Contracts Officer (User Agreements), 510-495-2022
Betsy Quayle, Principal Contracts Officer, 510-486-7391
Marie Rossi, Principal Contracts Officer, 510-486-7598
Joanna Santoro, Principal Contracts Officer, 510-486-6824
Partnerships Staff Bios

Technology Commercialization
Sebastian Ainslie, Principal Commercialization & Licensing Associate (Computing Sciences), 415-424-4741
Peter Bluford, Technology Commercialization Associate (Biosciences, except JBEI, and some Earth / Environmental Sciences), 510-486-7954
Russell Carrington, Technology Commercialization Associate (Earth / Environmental / Energy / Physical Sciences, except batteries), 510-486-6439
Shanshan Li, Technology Commercialization Associate (Energy Technologies and all battery technologies), 510-486-5366
Peter Matlock, JBEI Director of Commercialization, 510-486-5803
Technology Commercialization Staff Bios

Robin Chiang, Patent Counsel (JBEI, Energy Technologies (except batteries)), 510-486-4534
Stuart Chinn, Patent Counsel (Earth / Environmental / Energy / Physical Sciences, Energy Technologies (batteries)), 510-486-4672
Stephen Glade, Patent Counsel (Earth / Environmental / Energy / Physical Sciences, Computing Sciences), 510-486-6503
Mark Menge, Patent Administrative Assistant (Earth / Environmental / Energy / Physical Sciences, Computing Sciences), 510-486-7058
Sherie Reineman, Patent Administrative Assistant (Biosciences, Energy Technologies), 510-486-5894
Michelle Chew Wong, Patent Counsel (Biosciences, except JBEI), 510-495-2456

Hayden Hsu, Accountant, 510-486-4705
Shirounda Smith, Accountant Associate, 510-495-2963

Heidi Clark, Office Manager, 510-486-6462
Amanda Espiritu, Administrative Assistant, 510-486-4658
Julie Hart, Contract Analyst, 510-495-2908
Jean Haemmerle (formerly Jean Choung), Associate Contracts Specialist (new disclosures), 510-486-5512
Marc Nagata, Business Systems Analyst, 510-486-5776
Suzanne Storar, Communications and Outreach, 510-486-4306
Sheriden Vince, NDAs / MTAs, Administrative Assistant, 510-486-7639