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Small Businesses to Access Berkeley Lab Expertise and Resources

May 10, 2017

The Department of Energy (DOE) selected 38 small businesses to access scientific expertise and technical resources available at DOE national labs and take steps to advance their energy-related products for the marketplace. DOE’s Small Business Voucher (SBV) pilot program makes this collaboration possible, creating 114 partnerships between U. S. small businesses and the national labs in its three rounds to date. In the latest round, four businesses were selected to work with Berkeley Lab: Astrileux, Lilac Solutions, Inpria and Kalion. Read Berkeley Lab’s story on the SBV program and the latest awardees.



Startup Partners with Berkeley Lab for Waste Heat Recovery Technology

April 13, 2017

Energy Technology Area researchers Vi Rapp and Ravi Prasher are partnering with Alphabet Energy, a startup founded on Berkeley Lab technology, to develop a cost-effective  thermoelectric waste heat recovery system. The project, funded by a $2M grant from the California Energy Commission, seeks to reduce both energy use and pollutant emissions from industrial facilities such as power plants, manufacturing facilities, and oil and gas operations. Read the complete story at the Berkeley Lab News Center.

DOE Report Details National Lab System

January 23, 2017

DOE_Logo_Color_webThe Department of Energy released a report earlier in January highlighting the accomplishments and capabilities of its national labs.  Read DOE’s press release and access the complete report.

“Our National Lab system is an enduring science and technology powerhouse comprised of more than 20,000 scientists and engineers who deliver new discoveries and provide world-class technological capabilities,” said Ernest Moniz, outgoing Secretary of Energy. “This report makes clear that the state of our National Lab system is strong, and that it has become stronger in recent years. This report also provides a roadmap to continue supporting American leadership in science and technology in our labs and beyond.”


Energy Monitoring Startup Acquired

January 11, 2017

energy-meterBerkeley Lab startup Whisker Labs, formerly Wattstick, has been acquired by Earth Networks, which will launch Whisker Lab’s home energy monitoring device. Whisker Labs was founded by Berkeley Lab researchers Oren Schetrit and Steve Lanzisera, who developed a device to more easily provide building submetering, enabling building owners to monitor energy demand. Read the startup’s story in Venture Beat’s profile. 



Seeking No-cost Wet Lab and Office Space in the Berkeley, CA Area

January 3, 2017

beakersLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) is seeking a partner who is willing to provide Berkeley Lab researchers and startups working on developing Berkeley Lab technology with access to a minimum of 1200 square feet of mostly contiguous lab and office space at no cost. The space must include wet lab space, constant and reliable HVAC, at least two fume hoods, appropriate safety equipment, and space suitable for office workBerkeley Lab or a Berkeley Lab partner will be responsible for equipping the space, equipment training and maintenance, hazmat management, meeting other environmental health and safety requirements, and managing space logistics, although the space-provider may also be willing to provide these services at minimal cost. The space must be no more than a 30 minute drive during commute hours from Berkeley Lab’s central location at One Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA, 94720.  POC: Robin Johnston,

Berkeley Lab Startups in the News

December 16, 2016

Sign at the entrance of Startup city, Washington

Lygos, which applies synthetic biology to create high value chemicals, raised $13 million in Series A funding. OS Fund, IA Ventures, First Round Capital, Y Combinator’s Continuity Fund, Fifty Years, Vast Ventures and various angel investors are among the participants. Lygos, spun out of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory technology, was highlighted in a Dec. 27, 2016 New York Times article by Quentin Hardy on a new wave of clean tech companies.

The Department of Energy recently highlighted the lab-to-market success of Aeroseal, a startup based on a Berkekley Lab ductwork-sealing technology.  The Ohio-based company has grown to operate in Europe, the Middle East, Canada, the Philippines, and Australia and has sealed ductwork in more than 100,000 houses and tens of millions of feet of commercial space. Aeroseal estimates it saves customers a total of $4.2 million annually in energy costs.

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