Innovation and Partnerships Office

Forms and Policies

Disclosing Intellectual Property (IP) — New Inventions and Software

Starting January 30, 2017, all invention and software disclosures must be submitted online. Go to the Innovation Portal to start the process.

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) & Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)

As of January 25, 2016, all MTA and NDA requests must be made online. Go to the Innovation Portal to start the process.

Intellectual Property Acknowledgement (IPA)

Berkeley Lab Employee IPA (pdf)

Amendment to Employee Intellectual Property Acknowledgment (link)

Guest / Affiliate IPA (pdf)

Amendment to Guest / Affiliate IPA (link)

Conflict of Interest in Licensing

Policy: Conflict of Interest in Licensing

Form: Conflict of Interest TT 100-LBNL (.doc)

Consulting or Outside Employment

Policy and Forms: Request to Engage in Compensated Outside Professional Activities

Export Control

Policy: Export Control



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