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Extraction System for Ion Sources


  • Neutron tubes
  • Ion implantation


  • Low extraction voltage
  • No beam impingement on the high-voltage electrodes
  • Beam current enhanced by merging multiple beamlets
  • Can be applied to positive or negative beams

ABSTRACT: An extraction system, developed by Ka-Ngo Leung of Berkeley Lab, uses low voltage to extract multiple small beams, or beamlets, of ions from a multicusp plasma source through either holes or slots. It is comprised of a plasma electrode, an extraction electrode, and acceleration (high-voltage) electrodes. Both plasma and extraction electrode use multiple apertures while the acceleration electrode contains only a single aperture. After extraction, the beamlets merge together to form a single large beam, enhancing beam current. This larger beam is then accelerated to higher energies and forms a parallel or a divergent beam.

STATUS: Available for licensing