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Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Tools IB-2468, IB-2469, IB-2476, IB-2477, IB-2478, IB-2479


  • Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Nanopatterning
  • Directed self assembly


  • Low cost
  • High resolution
  • Capable of working with incoherent light sources
  • Does not require excessive spatial or temporal filtering
  • Large depth of focus (depending on source properties)
  • High speed compared to e beam


Patrick Naulleau of Berkeley Lab has developed a low cost, high resolution, standalone EUV interference lithography (IL) tool that operates with an incoherent illumination source. The tool addresses the largest challenges facing the commercialization of EUV lithography and the development of high resolution EUV resists: 1) the lack of available, affordable high resolution EUV tools and 2) the need for current systems to operate at synchrotron facilities.

The Berkeley Lab technology IB-2468 is a dual-grating interferometer with an optimized grating configuration. The following suite of related technologies further improve the Berkeley Lab EUV IL tool:

IB-2469: A High Efficiency Illuminator
This technology maintains a reasonable process cost.

IB-2476: Baffle
This membrane baffle solves the problem of optic contamination from resist outgassing at the second grating.

IB-2477: Integrated Dose-sensing Method
This technology represents an improvement over state of the art by sensing the dose entering the system and measuring the dose at the wafer.

IB-2478: Multi-contrast System
This technology addresses the difficulty of modifying the aerial image contrast. In many IL tools, aerial image contrast variation is achieved through the use of double exposures—a time consuming method that places additional constraints on wafer stage capabilities. IB-2478 can simultaneously generate aerial images with a wide range of contrast.

IB-2479: Multi-pitch System
When implementing a conventional interferometer, only one pitch of line-space pattern can be printed at a time. This technology enables simultaneous printing of multiple pitches of line-space patterns on the wafer.

STATUS: Available for collaborative research.

DEVELOPMENT STAGE: Proven principle.


Naulleau, P., Anderson, C., Horne, S. Extreme ultraviolet interference lithography with incoherent light, Proc. of SPIE, Vol. 6517, 65172T (2007).



REFERENCE NUMBER: IB-2468, IB-2469, IB-2477, IB-2478, IB-2479