Innovation and Partnerships Office

Industry-Lab Collaboration

Below are some of Berkeley Lab’s collaborative  research projects performed with industry.

Companies Technologies
Applied Materials, Inc. Particle -Free Wafer Processing
Boeing, StatOil Hydro Techno Economic Model for Commercial Cellulosic Biorefineries
Capintec, Inc. Compact Scintillation Camera for Medical Imaging
Catalytica, Inc. Optimized Catalysts For The Cracking of Heavier Petroleum Feedstocks
Chiron Corporation High Throughput Assay for Screening Novel Anti-Cancer Compounds
CVC-Commonwealth Scientific Corp. Advanced Hard Carbon Plasma Deposition System with Application to the Magnetic Storage Industry
E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company Catalytic Conversion of Chloro-Fluorocarbons over Palladium-Carbon Catalysts
Empire Magnetics, Inc. High Performance Micro Stepping Motor
General Atomics Medical Accelerator Technology
General Nano Technology, LLC Nanofabrication of Advanced Diamond Tools
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories Light Emission Processes and Dopants in Solid State Light Sources
IBM Facility for Studying Micromagnetic Structures
Intel Raman Microprobe Identification of Semiconductor Contaminants
High Performance System Area Networking
Kaiser Foundation Hospital National Information Infrastructure (NII) Prototype for Distributed Health Care Imaging
LumiLeds Lighting Efficiency Improvement of Nitride-Based Solid State Light Emitting Materials
Motorola, Inc. Electro-Optical Properties of Nanocrystals
Praxair, Inc. Ionically Conductive Membranes for Oxygen Separation
Quantum Group Carbon Monoxide Occupational Dosimeter
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Cloning Genes for Atherosclerosis and Respiratory Therapeutics
Rose Street Labs Energy Hybrid Solar Cells
Rouge Steel Forming Technology for Electrogalvanized Steel
Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) LED Lighting Fixtures
Seagate Technology , Inc. Nanometer Characterization and Design of Molecular Lubrication for the Head-Disk Interface
SMUD, SCE, PG&E Berkeley Lamp Commercialization
Terra Tek, ARCO E&P Technology Advanced Computational Analysis of Drill Cuttings for Real-Time Well Site Decisions
The Wattstopper, Inc. Computer Controlled Lighting
TSI Inc., Magee Scientific, Harmonic Devices MEMS Based Sensors in Commercial Buildings and Process Control
US Postal Agency, Richmond Office Lighting & Productivity Improvements
Union Carbide Corporation Lithographic Fabrication of Ordered Silver/Alumina Catalysts
University Research Glass Corporation (URG) The Integrated Organic Vapor/Particle Sampler for Semi-Volatile and Particulate Organic Toxic Air Polutants
World Vision Fuel Efficient Stoves for Ethiopia