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Start-Up Companies Based on Berkeley Lab Technology

Since 1990, Berkeley Lab technology has formed the basis for 46 start-ups, creating over 2,000 new jobs in these companies alone. These technologies include solar cells, genomics-related software, nanotechnology, drug development, x-ray imaging, materials sciences processing, biomolecular tagging, and energy-efficiency home improvements. The majority of these companies are located in California.

Company Business Year* FTE**
Lexington Biosciences


Endothelial function monitoring for cardiovascular health assessment 2015
Whisker Labs
(formerly Wattstick)
Energy use monitoring for homes and businesses 2015
Simple Water simplewater  Arsenic removal for community water supplies  2014 N/A
Scuba Probe scubaprobe Encased cantilevers as AFM tools for life sciences research 2014 N/A
Afingen Fine tuning genetic traits in crops 2014 N/A
Newomicsheliotrope logo New omics platforms and solutions for precision medicine 2013 N/A
Seismos        seismos Reservoir identification and imaging 2013 N/A
Cinder Biological    cinderbio Enzymes for biomass deconstruction 2013 N/A
Exogenheliotrope logo Technologies to monitor individual DNA damage for personalized and preventative health care 2013 N/A
Heliotropeheliotrope logo New materials and manufacturing processes for electrochromic devices including energy-saving, smart windows 2013 N/A
Optokeyoptokey Chemical and biochemical analysis products used in food safety, process control, environmental monitoring and medical diagnosis 2013 4
Adherenadheren_new DNA-based cell adhesion technology advancing live cellular analysis and enabling new biotech applications. 2012 N/A
Point Source Power Biomass powered fuel cells 2012 N/A
TeselaGen Biotechnology
teselagen_blue_flat3_text (1)
Enabling synthetic biology through design automation 2012 6
LygosLygos Synthesizing valuable industrial chemicals 2011 N/A
Skin Scan Skin diagnosis by surface imaging techniques for medical, surgical and aesthetic uses 2010 N/A
Alphabet Energy Inexpensive waste heat recovery technology that uses thermoelectrics to generate electrical power in the range of microwatts to megawatts 2010 20
Second Genome, Inc. Analysis of over 50,000 bacterial and archaeal taxa in samples from any source to solve problems in human health, environmental damages assessment, and other applications 2010 N/A
Novare Pharmaceuticals (FKA ProGDerm)Novare_logo Non-surgical approach to normalizing skin appearance to counter the effects of the aging process or after reconstructive surgery 2010 N/A
Fluigence Microfluidic devices 2009 N/A
Siva Power (formerly Solexant)ProGDerm Nanotech-enabled thin film photovoltaics 2008 40
View (formerly Soladigm) Energy-saving architectural glass (electrochromic or “smart” glass) 2008 50
Dynamic Throughput Nano-tech enabled screening of proteins, nucleic acids, and other biological molecules 2008 N/A
Seeo, Inc. Lithium metal batteries for portable electronics and hybrid and electric vehicles. 2007 16
Artery Therapeutics, Inc. Therapeutics for cardiovascular disease 2006 N/A

RSL Energy, Inc.

Full spectrum solar cells for the global renewable energy market. 2006 N/A

SeeqPod, Inc. (ceased operations in 2009)

Exploratory search engine and relationship network technology. 2005 30, prior to dissolution
Interactive Supercomputing (Acquired by Microsoft in 2009) Star-P, a software platform for automatic parallelization and interactive execution of desktop-developed technical applications on high-performance computer (“HPC”) servers (Star-P was developed jointly with MIT and UCSB and licensed through MIT). 2004 43
Live Cell Assays (formerly VSOM, Inc.) Visual Servoing Optical Microscopy for biological applications. 2002 2
Nanosys, Inc. Development of products such as nanowires, nanotubes, nanodots (quantum dots), flexible electronics, lightweight and conformal solar cells, memory and novel nanostructured surface coatings based on high performance inorganic structures. more info 2002 100
Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Application of glycomics (study of the information content of sugars) to drug discover and development. 2002 167
Nanomix, Inc. New products made from nanoscale materials and components, including sensors and hydrogen storage systems to power fuel cells. more info 2001 40
Cargo Technology, Inc. (Acquired by Cold Pack System S.A.S., 2006) Gas-filled panel insulated shipping containers. more info 2000 20
Xradia, Inc. Nanofabrication of X-ray imaging technologies 2000 55
Syrrx, Inc. (Acquired by Takeda San Diego, 2005)
Structural proteomics (the process of generating protein structures from genetic information) for drug discovery.
1999 >100
Ariel Technologies, Inc. (Acquired by Intematix, Inc., 2003)
Scanning tip microwave near field microscopes
1998 5
Quantum Dot Corporation (Acquired by Invitrogen Corp.10/06/05, currently named Life Technologies)
Quantum dot fluorescent probes can label and measure biological systems, such as living cells. More info on Pix seminconductorprobe2, check out
1998 50
Aeroseal, LLC A quick, inexpensive, aerosol-based duct-sealing system, which reduces heating and cooling energy up to 30%. more info 1997 20
Neomorphic Software, Inc. (Acquired by Affymetrix 10/30/00)
Genomic data analysis. Neural network software to predict DNA regulatory sites. 1997 22
Berkeley HeartLab, Inc.(Acquired by Celera, 2007, which was acquired by Quest Diagnostics Inc. in 2011.) Advanced blood lipoprotein testing for diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. more info 1997 394
Data Logic Division of Gene Logic Corp. Genomic data management. Object-Protocol Model, a tool to facilitate management of complex scientific databases. 1997 40
WaterHealth International Portable low-power water disinfection units. more info 1996 501
Symyx Technologies, Inc. (Acquired by Accelrys) High-throughput materials discovery for the Life Sciences, Electronics, and Chemical industries through combinatorial chemistry, miniaturization, and parallel processing. more info 1995 700
Cutting Edge Products, Inc. (Ceased Operations 2003) Ion deposition for tool hardening. 1991 NA
Morris Research, Inc. High Tc superconductivity instrumentation. 1990 N/A
PolyPlus Battery Company Polymeric organosulfur compound as the cathode in an environmentally friendly, high power-density, lithium polymer battery. 1990 27













* Year of license or current option with Berkeley Lab

** Full-time equivalent employees