Innovation and Partnerships Office

Small Cleantech Businesses to Collaborate with Berkeley Lab

Eight cleantech businesses have been awarded small business vouchers ranging from $50,000 to $300,000 to access the unique expertise and facilities available at Berkeley Lab in Round 2 of DOE’s Small Business Voucher (SBV) pilot program. The program is designed to speed entry of next-generation clean energy technologies. “Partnerships with entrepreneurs and small business are […]

Eight Berkeley Lab Nominations Named 2016 R&D 100 Award Finalists

Seven Berkeley Lab technologies from researchers in Computing Sciences, Energy Technologies, Biosciences and Materials Sciences plus one multi-lab nomination including LBNL have been named as 2016 R&D 100 Award finalists. Winners will be announced in November. The R&D 100 Awards are given by R&D Magazine to its top 100 new technologies for the year.  

Popular Science Highlights MyGreenCar App

An app developed at Berkeley Lab to help car consumers evaluate green vehicle choices based on individual driving styles and routes was the focus of a June 20 article in Popular Science titled “Which Electric Car is Right for You?” Researcher Sam Saxena expects the app to be in potential car buyers’ hands in 2017, thanks to a […]

DOE Announces $16M in Lab-to-Market Funding

The U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) will commit nearly $16M to help businesses move energy technologies from DOE’s national labs to the marketplace. The Technology Commercialization Fund, administered by DOE’s Office of Technology Transitions, will support projects at 12 national labs involving 52 private-sector partners. Two Berkeley Lab technologies were selected for FY16 funding: Large […]

Licensed Berkeley Lab Techs Poised to Advance Heart Health, Drug Discovery

Berkeley Lab’s Innovation and Partnerships Office executed licensing agreements this spring to move two biotechnologies from the lab to the marketplace. The Engevity Cuff, developed by Berkeley Lab researcher Jonathan Maltz, improves cardiovascular disease diagnosis by measuring endothelial health and plaque buildup. Startup Lexington Biosciences will refine and commercialize the cuff design. OpenMSI leverages Big Data resources to […]

DOE / Berkeley Lab to Participate in 2016 Maker Faire

Join Berkeley Lab staff at DOE’s Make|Energy pavilion at Bay Area Maker Faire, May 20-22, in San Mateo. The Lab plus eight other DOE labs, DOE’s Office of Technology Transitions, ARPA-E and EERE will present hands-on and educational displays related to Energy Generation, Secure Energy Distribution, Smart Buildings & Cities, and Manufacturing to demonstrate how DOE […]

Berkeley Lab Startups in the News

A May 4 article in The New Yorker on the quest to achieve true color representations in electronic displays highlighted quantum dot technology and innovations by Berkeley Lab startup Nanosys. Second Genome, a startup based on Berkeley Lab technology, earned $42.6M in Series B round funding from the venture capital arms of Pfizer and Roche along […]

Startup Licenses Berkeley Lab Cardiovascular Health Device

New startup Lexington Biosciences exclusively licensed the Berkeley Lab Enegevity Cuff, a technology to dramatically advance the testing and monitoring of cardiovascular health. The device, developed by Berkeley Lab’s Jonathan S. Maltz, Ph.D., measures arterial lining health to assess plaque buildup and atherosclerosis quickly and easily, outside a clinical setting. A Berkeley Lab Innovation Grant enabled Maltz to […]

IPO – Your Gateway to Berkeley Lab Innovation

The Innovation and Partnerships Office has created an updated guide highlighting Berkeley Lab’s areas of expertise, the wide range of partnership options available, and selected startup, licensing, partnership and industry consortia success stories.  

IPO Licensing Associate Honored

Matthew Love, Licensing Associate with Berkeley Lab’s Innovation and Partnerships Office, received a Federal Lab Consortium award for a technology transfer project to advance Columnar Hierarchical Auto-associative Memory Processing in Ontological Networks (CHAMPION), a hierarchical structure of modified Case-Based Reasoning components at former employer, PNNL. Now with Berkeley Lab’s IPO, Matthew negotiates licenses for technologies in the energy […]